beyond the glass

The Purpose of Reality illustrated short story and poetry volumes from Meerkat Press, with fair reviews from Publishers Weekly and the like, now available on Amazon and at other outlets, click for details including reviews.

Beyond the glass, the water birds
are gliding on the rails of rain,
and, for a moment,
their distant pattering melody
recalls a semblance
of another chance
at hopefulness—even with
the knowing that it’s far too late
for all of that.


The faraway impulses that enticed me
have vanished. The bells that called out
from the clocktower are silent.

I fought for a voice at the table,
but the axis of the world
has precessed, turned
to a darker age.

Beyond the glass, the afterimages
of lightning chase each other,
agnostic reminders
of the last realignment
or the seeds of the next:
harbingers of mysteries.


The Purpose of Reality L

The Shadow Sun, click image for larger version (no AI in the creation of this artwork). 8K original image=4 UHD screens. Evolved by my software that seeks unimagined realms.  8K original image = 4 UHD screens, from the ultracubist engine. Art on Instagram four days per week.