The Purpose of Reality --Author

Steve Simpson lives in Sydney, and he’s never been able to work out exactly what he does, although he would probably feed the cat if he had one. He’s sold over 30 poems and short stories to publishers, and Meerkat Press has published a two-volume set of his poetry and short stories, both with artworks. “The Texture of Silence,” an illustrated poetry collection in collaboration with Australian author Eugen Bacon, will be coming out later this year.

In the visual arts, works created with his image evolution software have been shown at several exhibitions, and he recently developed a unique system for generating art from mental states via EEG (brainwaves).

In the sciences, he’s published over 200 research papers, most recently in clinical neurology, and awards include the Peter Doherty Innovation Prize, for WeldPrint™, technology to make vehicles safer.  A monograph, “Time and Time Travel,” is hidden in the mists of the future, and he likes wood ducks, doesn’t everyone? In the ether underworld, he’s @inconstantlight.

25 September 2023