inconstant visual

the visual evolution engine
Beyond human imagination lies an unknown realm, which is still within the bounds of comprehensibility. Because computers have no imagination, they can access this unknown realm, and computer calculations can generate extraordinary beauty that had not been imagined previously, for example, the Mandelbrot Set. This is the rationale behind Inconstant Light’s visual evolution engine (VEE): to allow computer algorithms to run free, and see where it leads. VEE does not use standard Artificial Intelligence technique to mimic human artists.

video example of VEE
Here is a short video segment without soundtrack, generated from a very simple starting image consisting of three tomatoes on a uniform dark background.


about inconstant light
Inconstant is a digital artist and a scifi/fantasy author signed with Meerkat Press. He does clinical neurology research sometimes. More info here.

contact inconstant light
If you are interested in exhibitions, prints of the digital artworks available here, commercial display of UHD videos with original soundtracks, or promotion, please feel free to make contact.