short fiction & poetry @ publishers


In 2022, the Purpose of Reality Solar & Lunar: illustrated poetry and short-story collections from Meerkat Press, info here.

This is a list of some of my short stories and poetry sold to publishers, with links to information and indicating whether the work is freely available online in green, in which case the title links to the story/poem, or if blue, the title links to a seller, usually Amazon (note: no clickjacking). There is a small chance I will add more, when the planets are aligned or arranged in a doily.

Some of the online story links change at times. Please feel free to contact me if you would like an updated link.

Fiction: the dream seller @ weird city press  / info

Poetry: later magical tourism @ mirror dance / info

Poetry: when we were young @ mithila review / info

Fiction: danta in black in time travel tales @ chappie fiction / info

Fiction: the phantasms of tocantins @ sci phi journal / info

Fiction: the water moon @ fantasy scroll magazine / info

Fiction: lighter than claire @ the colored lens / info

Fiction: reliquaries  @ shoreline of infinity / info

Fiction: jacinta’s lovers in the love hurts anthology @ meerkat press / info

Poetry: soft machines @ the stray branch / info

Fiction: the rising @ the colored lens / info

Fiction: ambisia @ black denim lit / info

Fiction: beyond orion’s belt @ kasma magazine / info

Fiction: beaches @ isotropic fiction / info

Fiction: the honimoon hotel @ kayelle press / info