reliquaries‘Reliquaries’ has appeared in the second issue of Shoreline of Infinity, a new sf magazine from Scotland,¹ and it’s available at Amazon. It’s a great name for an sf mag, and they’re looking for inspiring stories with a vision of the future, whatever direction that might take. With ‘Reliquaries’ it’s pretty much a downhill ride.

I can’t identify any one source for this story, although it does borrow a broad concept from an earlier piece of mine. It also owes something to an unusual museum I once visited in the south of Chile.

Here is a slightly blurred photo taken inside the actual museum showing a porcelain dog under a desk:

porcelain dog

In ‘Reliquaries,’ the museum is a very different place, but I tried to retain the weird surrealistic feel of the original.

¹Scotland has a lot to answer for, amongst other things—golf, haggis, Islay single malts,  and quite a few of my ancestors.

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