the realtor’s dream

The Purpose of Reality, illustrated short stories and poetry from Meerkat Press. They’ve had some pretty fair reviews from Publishers Weekly and the like. Now available to order on Amazon, and at other outlets. Purchase, review, and other info here.

Location, location, location,
the realtor’s dream of sifting
through the time stream’s rows
of single bed room nights
in the company of shades and shadows,
and never lost in someone else’s thoughts.

All the world, it shines with life,
but organic synergies are not for me—
always the mulberry leaf,
never the silkworm,
the dog and never Pavlov’s bell.

I know my moping irritates,
and to call it pathos would
add unmerited glamour
to my mediocrity.

Every day is quiet now,
but not a one is peaceful.


The Purpose of Reality Solar & Lunar