alphabetic fish B

Previously on Alphabetic Fish: there were no such fish, but the forlorn protagonist made a vow to turn over a new leaf, or any leaf, as long as he overcame his shallowness. The previous episode is here.

Today I will begin my real life,
the life that’s tailor-made for me.
But first off, I’ll check the weather,
innocuous conversation might be on the cards.

“Strange days,” I will say,
“When nary a fish falls from the sky,
and the climate is anticlimactic.”


In the kitchen, Efedrina
was waiting for her tea,
which was brewing
while my coffee instantiated.

She’d turned up in a farmácia
where I was seeking nectar
of the nectarine.

She called me, “Earthling”
(I thought nothing of it)
and her name was the sound of waves
breaking in reverse on an infinite shore.

I remarked on the weather.

Noticing my puzzlement,
she investigated labels
on the shelves.

“But you can call me Efedrina.”


It was time for me to diarise: a précis
of yesterday’s events…

the diary is part of the video above

to continue, with fish that might not be mentioned despite their presence

Dear Diary is a youtube video with soundtrack. It was evolved with the visual evolution engine (VEE), my software that seeks unexpected realms, rather than using standard AI techniques to mimic existing art. Cyclic Nonlinear Desaturation (CYNDE) was applied in the evolution, and Vegemite™ was applied to toast and the diary.

4 thoughts on “alphabetic fish B

  1. I wonder how speakers of different languages would imitate “the sound of waves breaking in reverse on an infinite shore”. Apparently, a Korean speaker refers to a cat’s meow as ‘ya-ong’, which seems very different from other common languages.

    • Actually, I wonder how anyone would. 😸 I should probably play a wave recording backwards. I suppose some of the differences are just different ways of pronouncing, like ‘uau’ in Portuguese for ‘wow.’

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