alphabetic fish A

I know that we all travel from A to B,
but C and D and fish are
forever in my thoughts.

propulsion and impulsion

I leapt out of bed,
offering silent thanks
to the tiny creature
that had stung me.

And yet I’m not impulsive, but the opposite,
neither reasoned nor rational,
but hidden in simulated thoughtfulness.

I can see right through myself,
beneath my shrink-wrap skin,
a follower, an imitator, someone
who’s been taken care of,
never taken care of.

“Today will be an ordinary day,”
I told the bedroom wasps,
“with ordinary ideas.”

advice about advice

Yesterday, upon a screen,
I read advice from Einstein,
or was it Socrates? —

Ideas are not made
more important
by repetition
by cursive fonts
by famous names beneath
or by whether we agree.

We are not a peristaltic procession,
we all have to think.

And today I shall begin.

to continue with more fish


the wasps


Reality and imaginality (no sound, best viewed full size HD) is a visualisation of my writing process. Really. It might be. Who knows?

At the end is the Meerkat Press cover reveal for The Purpose of Reality, to appear in January 2022. Mmm, they look like books. Is it a book reveal? Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy? Can I plagiarise any more lyrics? What is the purpose of reality? Although imaginality is not a word, does it also serve a purpose? I’m confused, I need a cup of tea. 😸

The art was evolved with the visual evolution engine (VEE), my software that seeks unexpected realms, rather than using standard AI techniques to mimic existing art. ALISA, Adaptive Layered Image Synthesis, was used for the figures, and Cyclic Nonlinear Desaturation (CYNDE) was applied in the evolution.

2 thoughts on “alphabetic fish A

    • Thanks, Nikita. I have something partly written. You know, throughout my life, I’ve started on stuff, then stopped and started on some other crazy idea halfway through. Now I have more freedom, and it’s even worse. Add in coping with FB and insta …

      Anyways, I’m counting on Meerkat to take care of distribution. When Meerkat says jump, I say, “How high?” 😸

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