the ablative promenades

More about Ablative Promenade I here.

More about Ablative Promenade II here. The Promenades are best viewed in VHD or UHD full screen, and they have soundtracks.

A while back, I thought that Ether was the luminiferous and invisible substance that filled all of the universe, and my idea of cryptic currency dealings was putting a coin in a machine, pressing buttons, and no cup of coffee appearing. Now I think that non-fungible tokens (NFTs) might be edible if you cook them with pasta.

Copyright is a nuisance that commonly means you can’t make full versions of your artworks freely available on the internet, and an audience who might otherwise enjoy your work, can’t. (I’m almost sure one of my relatives is interested.)

With the NFT alternative, anyone who wants to can see the almost-actual artworks, and Ablative Promenades I and II are examples, apart from quality loss associated with posting on the web.

Ablative Promenades I and II are listed at OpenSea, and the tokens include the right for the original owner to redeem a free high-quality digital image from the set of 23 basis artworks for the videos, as well as VHD and UHD versions of the video itself.

There are two promenades because of some limitations with file size: together they form a complete six-minute looping video.

A token verse:

The moistest dream of each creator,
mistaking what might be evoked
for arcane magic, is to cast a spell,
an enchantment, to find the geometric path
to what is perfectly imperfect,
the inexplicably unique,
to mystify belief,
and to fix
the washing machine,
the repair
of which they cannot pay.


15 thoughts on “the ablative promenades

    • Thank you, Audrey. I can’t make much sense of tokens, OpenSea is well-named, there is a vast sea of them, but as I said, if someone gets value from my stuff being freely available (which was the original concept of tokens), I’m happy.

    • Thank you. Unfortunately it has some probleminhas, it works fine with the original videos and matching display, but even YouTube significantly degrades the quality.

  1. Love this! As a disruptive tech enthusiast, I can’t help but say this is my fav line – Now I think that non-fungible tokens (NFTs) might be edible if you cook them with pasta. 🙂

    • Thank you, Sobhana. I can cook pasta sort of 😜, but getting OpenSea going was a challenge. I also love the idea of people supporting freely available artwork, and I hope to offer more images, but not more videos for a while. I do think that, to some extent, NTFs have moved away from that original aim.

    • My pleasure, and thank you for your generous words. Perhaps it’s true of many writers, but I write what I’m familiar with, in the way I think about it, so I don’t see it as unique.

  2. The videos seemed a tour of an art exhibition in a Medieval church. The triptych morphing into a single screen with a constantly evolving image in the second video was most effective, in itself and as an ending. An excellent and concise poem too. Well done.

    • Thanks, Paul. I was thinking of a castle originally. I took some large sandstone rocks in my yard, stacked them all up, and photographed them. It was midsummer, and I stood on a chair to get the right angle, but one leg sank into the soil. I fell and cut my arm on a branch while protecting the camera.

      All-in-all, it was quite a medieval experience. 😸

      Thanks also for the useful feedback on the vid. I’m going to leave the scrolling together with image morphing for a while, it’s too difficult technologically on the internet.

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