ablative promenade I

Ablative Promenade I is a three-minute art video with original soundtrack. To view it as created, as close as possible to VHD or UHD full screen is desirable. The artworks which are the foundation of the video were made with VEE, the Visual Evolution Engine, software written in C++ which uses multiple 2D Fourier Transforms amongst other techniques. I have explained why I developed VEE below.

The first section of the video is the stroll (promenade) itself, entitled “Future Beaches.” The stroll is followed by a rest break with a gardening video entitled “Silvinha’s Garden,” ie, it’s an intra-video.  Silvinha’s garden puts in an appearance in the apposite planet.

Ablative Promenade I is listed at OpenSea, and the tokens include the right for the original owner to redeem a free high-quality digital image from the set of 23 basis artworks for the video, as well as VHD and UHD versions of the video itself.

the sequel

There are some limitations with file size which mean that Promenade I is half of a complete six-minute looping video, and Daughter of Ablative Promenade is also available.

why VEE?

The breadth of human imagination has grown through the course of history, but it always has a limit. Beyond human imagination lies an unknown realm, which is still within the bounds of comprehensibility, ie, people could make some sense of what inhabits that realm.

Because computers have no imagination, they can access this unknown realm, and there are many examples in recent times of computer calculations generating extraordinary beauty that had not been imagined previously. One example is Chaos Theory: the Mandelbrot Set.

This is the rationaIe behind my development of VEE: in some sense, to allow computer programming to run free. Rather than, say, using standard Artificial Intelligence techniques to mimic existing human artworks, it seeks the realm of the unimagined.