kaosa 2

Part of the Kaosa 2 art video, which was shown in the Fracas Exhibition at the Articulate Project Space, low-def version with soundtrack. A collaborative response to the Umeda Underground in Osaka, by the phototropic photographer Paul Sutton (insta)  and moi. Video and soundtrack © Paul Sutton and Steve Simpson 2021. Where’s the poetry? The dog ate it.


14 thoughts on “kaosa 2

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    • Hahaha, I may be using that excuse a lot. Thanks, I’d like to put up better quality video versions at some stage, if I ever sort out what non-fungible tokens are about. 😜

  2. Wondrous stuff Steve, I liked the forms revealed through this transformation – the square arches, the buttressed ceilings the stairwells, the alleys – odd and gothic and familiar – and def. poetic

    • Thanks Peter, glad you enjoyed. The Osaka underground space that Paul photographed is fascinating.

      It’s a good thing the dog didn’t eat the video as well.

    • Thanks, Paul. Your “suggestion of movement” is very perceptive. It looks like the vid is more-or-less panning from one environment to another, but there’s an illusion in there: the changes happen everywhere as the forms pan across. It’s just not the way we tend to see it.

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