eloise’s fur coat

Inconstant light will be updating once per month from today, rather than once every three weeks. The reasons for this relate to the persistence of reality. It has nothing to do with the wood ducks, so they tell me.

What are you writing?
Come on, let me see.

When Eloise left, she took most
of the crow in the fridge, just left the bones
and the beaks for me, but I didn’t care—
they were always my favorite bits.

Now the moths in the wardrobe are
eating her stole, and her fur coat
is next on the menu.


When I dine with the microwave by candlelight,
when I cannot decide between moping and brooding,
when the leaves in the trees all whisper Eloise,
when reality is unrealistically real,
the moths, they flutter about my ears,
with their susurrated condolence
and unwanted suggestions:

“You might try a sacrifice, when the moon
and the planets align: a bonfire
of your cherished first-editions collection.
Your vanity and your arrogance
are also inflammable.”

That’s what I wrote, Eloise.
So now you know.


Vanilla Fudge performed Für Elise just the way Beethoven would have wanted, if they’d had electric instruments and ear-shattering amplification in 1810.

Louise, written by L Robin & R Whiting, sung by Maurice Chevalier, 1929.

The Bonfire of the Vanities, Tom Wolfe, Farrar Straus Giroux, 1987.


Alignment of the Planets, seen through a moth’s eyes. Moths consider most bright objects to be planets: lamps, the moon etc. Alternative title: Solarity, Lunarity and Reality. Made with VEE, the visual evolution engine.

12 thoughts on “eloise’s fur coat

  1. Feral and heartbreaking in equal quantities. An enjoyable feast and a different feel to recent works. Reality can be so demanding especially at this conflicted time of the calendar. Keep safe in the real and the unreal.

    • Thank you, Erik. Yes, it is a bit feral. The furs and moths come from reality, but not recent. Every year, I feel as if I am approaching a singularity. An illusion, but a powerful one, and I think it’s worth slowing down and taking a few deep breaths whenever possible.

    • The moths and furs have a basis in reality, albeit from a long time ago, and, yes, it was not a happy time. I will pass on your regards. I blame the ducks for more than I should.

  2. The protagonist’s loneliness is palpable. It’s a pity Eloise left crow instead of humble pie behind… the latter would certainly have tasted sweeter. Dining with the microwave just isn’t the same as eating next to a crackling fireplace. Bring on the bonfire!

    It sounds like your blog is being bumped down the priority ladder. Hope you are well, whatever you’re doing these days. Festive greetings to you and your family, Mags

    • True, and Humble Pie were pretty sweet with Natural Born Bugie too. Perhaps there’s a compromise somewhere between microwaves and bonfires. A gas-fired barbecue maybe?

      To be honest, I’ve been going backwards with the blog for quite a while. I used to update once per week. And all the best to you for the festive season and 2021, Magarisa.

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