holiday cruise


Seven memorable days in the Orion Spiral for $99/night all meals incl.

In twenty sixteen, three craft from
deep space appeared over Earth
on discrete stratospheric

We tracked them with lasers,
and launched several missiles
that turned the three ships to a
luminous mist, and a sunset
in glorious colors.

Some lucky survivors escaped
in small pods, that drifted like seeds
in the wind. At least for a minute,

until radar locked on, and we could
greet them in much the same way.

On a planet that circled Arcturus,
Solarian families made some new plans—
the next journey to Earth would
be less of a holiday, and more
a mass extinction event.

independence day @ inconstant light

artwork: solaria

8 thoughts on “holiday cruise

    • Yeah, I suppose sometimes it’s hard to know with extra-terrestrials. I haven’t really trusted them since a group landed in my backyard and asked to use the phone. I mean, I Iet them, but only one call and it had to be local, within the solar system.

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