a ghost sequence


My ghost has a ghost, that’s what she told me,
who follows her, just like she follows me,
and when no-one’s around they whisper,
share secrets and nonsense together.

She told me that her ghost said the very
same thing—her ghost has a ghost of his own,
always trailing along behind him.
I wonder how many ghosts there might be,
in the chain of phantom companions.


Sky reflected in George’s River, bough reflected in water.

4 thoughts on “a ghost sequence

    • Glad you enjoyed it, Inese. I checked out the non-fiction and didn’t find it, but I found another post that shouldn’t have been there, and fixed it: my mistake with the tag. WordPress does a lot of strange things so anything is possible.

      I was reminded that, as well as not sending any work to publishers, I have a number of non-fiction pieces that I haven’t completed. Unfortunately, like the ghosts, I am falling further and further behind with WordPress. 👻

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