4 thoughts on “the cruelty of nature

    • Thanks, I wanted to cover single cell division, evolution, survival of the fittest, geography and planetary scales. Possibly a bit too ambitious. 😜

  1. Wow, Steve, shades of Rorschach! We must all see differently because I see one of my dogs…who ate a frog…feels very ill…and sad…but will soon feel better. I don’t get out of the back yard much anymore so I’m sure that’s why I see dogs. Well, dogs getting poisoned by eating frogs kinda illustrates the cruelty of nature 😀 :(I also see fabrics of lace and quilting). Can’t stop looking at this but I’m going to stop blah, blah, blahing now…

    • Funny you should say that, Clarissa, and I’m very pleased to hear it. We don’t see it that differently. 😃 I didn’t write it in the caption because I didn’t want to lead the viewer, but I intended the “survival of the fittest” part to be two wolf-like creatures facing off. And dogs and wolves are pretty closely related… Thank you, and I hope your dog is okay.

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