wind castles

I read a little of “Howe to Writte”
by someone called Blade Walker:

Do not write about yourself,
you might scribble regrettable revelations:
poisonous reflections of venomous memory,
elaborations of fears unfounded,
of solitude without solace.

All must be eschewed. Instead,
be vague and insubstantial.
I suggest, Miaow, miaow.

But I had no wish to write or read.
Outside the crystal morning sky
was contaminated with
immaterial atmospherics
and fluffy drifting clouds
of spontaneous mental frazzlement.


No-one ever cares to sort my uncertainties
unless I give them my credit card,
and then the sessions are too short.

My psychiatrist told me I had
no fashionable problems,
that I was dull and pointless,
feebly melancholic,
remorseful in Morse Code,
and miaow, miaow.

Yet, high and low, I search
for an ordinary building
on an ordinary hill,
that I saw all in a dream
before the loading had begun.

I seek seasoned explanations:
no morose reinventions
of causes and effects,
no confabulations
of the influential
near and far
that confound me.

The common human denominator
is imperfection,
and I am no exception.

I’m the exponential sum
of my mistakes,
and the writting tipse
were less than useless,
miaow, miaow.


  • Neil Young, After the Gold Rush, 1970.
  • Blade Walker’s writing advice is here.


Wind castles, evolved by the visual evo engine, my software that seeks unimagined realms. Art on Instagram four days per week.

7 thoughts on “wind castles

    • Thanks Paul. Yes, it’s really not speculative fiction. I have met people who knew what they were doing, who didn’t appear to be filled with uncertainties, doubts and all the rest. Not me, of course. And “miaow, miaow” definitely helped hide my own truths so that was good advice.😸

    • Thanks Nikita.🧡 Great movie. I do feel as if the world has left me behind, I don’t understand and I don’t fit in. Perhaps I have overstayed my welcome.

  1. Oh don’t say that Steve! I’ve never fitted in. The best people don’t. And as I grow older the more crazy the world seems but it can still be beautiful. 🥰🌹🌈

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