the show must go on

The clock in the kitchen ticks
inexorably, until the battery’s flat,
undirected, purposeless in time.

Causality suspends us
at the neck
of our hourglass.

We balance on the tightwire
that stretches from
to dreams,
at the belly
of the catenary,
where the strings of
linear thought are tangled
in a helpless knot.


“I thought my autumn mind
was safe, a silkworm
in a bone cocoon.

“But currawongs and crows
cawingly invite me to cut open
long-lost wounds,
and extrapolate
my shadowed world
to a season yet unnamed,
when the chromosphere
will envelop us, and Guaraci
will be our solar prophet.

“Will I rise and float,
high ashes on the breeze,
or embrace the flames,
become a carbon imprint,
a fossil remnant in the shale,
at last united with my lonely twin?

“Such Gemini are born from ink blots
on the timeline, incomplete divisions
with a lost, forlorn remainder.”

“Would you mind watching the road?”

“I thought we were having breakfast
in the kitchen. Allegorically, at least.”

Guaraci is the sun deity in the mythology of Brazil’s Tupi-Guarani peoples.

Eucalyptus flowers from the visual evo engine and the all-new visual revelator, which shows what is hiding in the shadows. I have chosen this particular artwork because, to me, it illustrates life and death in codependence.

11 thoughts on “the show must go on

    • Thank you, appreciate the feedback. My writing comes from my life: I spend a lot of time in the kitchen too. On the other hand, I’m also a terribly inattentive driver.😸

  1. Wow Steve. I’ve read this a few times which reminded me why I became a fan in the first place. I’ve just read it to Darrin as well. He loves it. Very impressed! We both really love the art too. He said, “he should sell his art!!” 😊
    I really love the opening paragraphs.
    And the ending. And all of it, like I always do. Lol.

    • Thank you both. 🧡🧡 Really glad you got something out of it, My brother has this artwork printed on acrylic. Selling anything is not my strong point. I tried and failed with the art. And TBH, there really isn’t much of an audience for my work (art or writing). But as I’ve said before, I do what I enjoy doing, I feel better when I do it, and I plan to keep going.

    • Steve, I say this with deep sincerity, if Darrin weren’t dying, I’m sure he’d be keen to go through your art and buy something. I’m very tempted too. It’s just not the best time right now, for obvious reasons.
      It’s baffling to me that you don’t have a huge audience. But then I think the same of tv shows, clever ones that get knocked off the air, and the worst ones are left to torment people for years! 🥴

      I love your reasons for doing it and I encourage you whole heartedly!

    • I understand of course. With TV, it’s the same for me. I know I’ve had an unusual life in a number of ways, and I’m thinking about making it public on the blog etc, altho it’s not easy for me. That controls what I like and what I write.

      Thank you, thinking of you, and sending you both metta.

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