the wildebeest


A bearded wildebeest
blocked my way, dressed
in a handwritten billboard:

The TheRmoDynaMic
ApoCalyPse Is NigH
It WiLl Not Be DeNieD
RePenT By NexT TueSdAy
WeDneSdaY At The LaTesT

He buttonholed me,
and I glimpsed a wild madness
flashing in his baby blues.

“There’s no way back
to the coastline,
no returning to the sea.

“The past preserved in aspic,
the ancient and arcane—
such craven dreams of beauty,
they will not save us, not a one.

“Not the cute nor the simpático,
nor heartfelt bruxaria,
the studious truths of nature’s science
light the path that you must follow.”


Samuel Taylor Coleridge, the rime of the ancient mariner, some discussion here.


Worlds: there are many worlds on our planet, some are only accessible to the privileged. View across Kogarah Bay from Carss Bush Park, artwork from the visual evo engine, my software that seeks unimagined realms.

Articulate will turn eleven, there will be no birthday cake. I’ll be participating with the fabled photographer Paul Sutton (insta). Our installation, Kaosa 3, may be in a cupboard or in the basement. The exhibition runs from Dec 11 to Dec 19.

6 thoughts on “the wildebeest

    • Thanks, Paul. The original title was The Wilder Beast. I’ve seen photos of Stonehenge but have no idea what its atmosphere is like. I wanted something dark, solid, and perhaps ominous. I had to crouch down in an awkward position to get a photo with the poles sufficiently imposing and aligned as I wanted with the far shore.

      If you were actually there, I’m pretty sure you’d be disappointed, it’s just a fence.😸

    • Thanks again, Nikita. Yes, I’m afraid my apocalyptic tendencies are showing. I may be the wildebeest one day, he’s based on a guy who was always wearing his billboard on the footpath beside the highway at peak hour. Mmm, I’ll probably use the wildebeest’s text.

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