the apartment on copernicus street

Published in Aurealis #58, Chimaera Publications, and available in electronic formats at SmashwordsAurealis is a great Australian sf magazine and they are currently offering discounted subscriptions because they are looking towards membership of SFWA. This is not the sound your vacuum cleaner makes when you accidentally suck up a sock but Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America.

6 thoughts on “the apartment on copernicus street

  1. Great story, Steve. quite different from a lot I’ ve read (and that’s many). I’m in Wollongong and have a couple of sci-fi releases coming along this year

    • Greg, thanks for your kind words. Much appreciated coming from a writer of your calibre. It’s not the first time I’ve been told my stories are a bit different, I think it tends to polarise opinions. Look forward to reading your new releases.

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