the angled earths

In science and science fiction, there exist concepts of parallel universes, where our world may be wildly different. We humans have thoughts about the future of our planet, imaginings of where we might be heading, but they’re not parallel worlds because they intersect in, and radiate from, the here and now: the earth we share.

omnidirectional ekphrasis with VEE, the Visual Evolution Engine

Alternate realms, future worlds
inside our heads were never parallel,
they intersect and vivisect,
ambient in manifolds and doorways,
disguising our futility.

Ancestral DNA, planetary oxygen
without a dream or vision, has been
transmuted to a terminal reality,
alternation that never was or will be.

Mechatronic devisements outdate us;
grassy plains, long-lost native worlds,
refracted, bent through brittle glass-blown prisms
that shatter on the stony permaculture shore.

For whom pops the toaster if not for thee?
They love you, of course they do,
but do not sign up, do not sign in,
stay out of frame, away from keyboard.

Timeline tangles must be raveled
at the knots, so check your watch.


life tracings diptych
Do you see its richness, its unrelenting complexity lost, and yet you dream, a shining through the coming cataclysm? [original work and VEE processed image ]


morphisms diptych
You know the earth cannot be saved, but in virtuality, in the sci-fi quantum dream, a computational cloud will hold our information, proxime accessit. [original work and VEE processed image ]


reading at the laundromat
We started off as single cells and became a plague upon the planet. There is nothing left but the inevitable end, while you’re waiting for your washing to be done [installation ]


shorelines of change
nature begins
dreams and fish /the phases of the earth /and all things turning
later, homo sapiens sapiens
skies and dreams /the phases of the land /and all things turning
[stills from video loop 2m40s, video low res, no loop]



metal falling (L) water trickles from ferrous dreams, structural salvation not to be.
measuring the desert’s song (R) all their data, all their lies, until the desert song is heard around the world [AR  ]

soft bodies

soft bodies in a waterless geology: soft hearts, velvet wings, no more than powdered symbols [AR  ]


through the windows look out and see a cosy world, impermanence eternal, a little hammering of nails; bring the timber and the saw. [YM  ]

requiem for a toaster

requiem for a toaster AI’s and androids, the conquerors. What next? No-one wanted toast. [SWS VEE image ]

riders in pale cars

riders in pale cars don’t care about the traffic lights, their future will be bountiful, saved by the grace of their belief. Until they awaken. [SWS TIM & VEE image ]

The Illustrated Mind (TIM): a mathematical visualization derived entirely from twelve minutes of my EEG (T7 and T8 electrodes), with time running left to right. For the first few minutes I sat calmly with eyes closed, then listened to music (eyes closed) for six minutes (Tropic of Cancer, the dull age), and calm with eyes closed for the rest. The upper and lower halves of the image are the hemispheres.

© 2018 Yana Myronenko, Anna Russell, Steve Simpson