riders in pale cars

riders in pale cars

Illustration for poetry life as we know it 7: where the dream fish leap (click image for larger version).

Riders in pale cars don’t care
about the traffic lights,
their future will be bountiful,
saved by the grace of their belief.
Until they awaken.

The Illustrated Mind (TIM): a mathematical visualization derived entirely from twelve minutes of my EEG (T7 and T8 electrodes), with time running left to right. For the first few minutes I sat calmly with eyes closed, then listened to music (eyes closed) for six minutes (Tropic of Cancer, the dull age), and calm with eyes closed for the rest. The upper and lower halves of the image are the hemispheres.

2 thoughts on “riders in pale cars

  1. Comment is totally on your art this time Steve. You keep hitting a home run and then surpassing yourself with these images.
    Their transformations are truly original. I would love to see them all together as you posted them. Carry on my friend hoooweee!

    Liked by 1 person

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