mind stations

mind stations

Illustration for poetry paperback rider 7: practical railways (click image for larger version). Here is a teaser:

Once I melted in a dream.
Not like iron in a furnace,
more like candy on a summer pavement.
Bees swarmed all around me
and carried off my essence for their queen.

Mind stations comes from VEE & TIM (the Visual Evolution Engine and The Illustrated Mind software). The image is evolved from 12 minutes of my own EEG (T7, T8, Pz electrodes), with time horizontal and the left and right hemispheres top and bottom respectively. For the first 6 minutes, I sat quietly, for the following 3 minutes, I wrote bad poetry, and I again sat quietly for the final 3 minutes. Frequency is on the vertical axis with higher frequencies at the centre.

The horizontal bands mark active frequency regions, and since I am right-handed, it is likely that the upper bright region after the midpoint is associated with writing, while the lower brighter region may be associated with creative thought. However, although the image is derived entirely from EEG, there is no direct correspondence between thoughts and detailed patterns in the image.

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