What path do we follow? Can we leave our circle, our familiar compass, and find another way? Joana is a sci-fi artwork evolved with the visual evolution engine (VEE), my software that seeks unexpected realms, rather than using standard AI techniques to mimic existing art. Click image for larger version.

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A high-quality version of the VEE image is available for PayPal purchase.

All freely available images are max 900 x 600 pixels. The HQ version is 6000 x 3820 pixels, suitable for hi-quality prints at 20” x 12,5” and larger. (The artwork ships as a zipped png file.)

Joana is a unique 1 of 1 HQ digital edition, and carries the inconstant light artwork stamp unobtrusively in the bottom right corner. The artwork was created by Stephen Walter Simpson in 2021.

NOTE: Pricing is in US$

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