Illustration for poetry homo sapiens beta 9: circularity (click image for larger version). Here is a teaser:

Evita studied Proteus thoughtfully,
paying close attention to the denizens of his beard,
and afterwards prepared a shopping list
for Proteus II, who agreed to read it out.

…an all-cotton jumpsuit, size medium,
extra-large overalls,
a cutthroat razor,
breath freshener…

Horizon comes from VEE & TIM (the Visual Evolution Engine and The Illustrated Mind software). The image is evolved from a combination of two 7 minute intervals of my own EEG (T7, T8, Pz electrodes), with time running left to right. The right and left cerebral hemispheres are top and bottom, “sky” and “land” respectively. Frequency is on the vertical axis with higher frequencies near the horizon.

At the start and finish, I sat quietly with eyes closed, and in the middle section, music played (The Beatles, Here Comes the Sun) and I did some writing.

For one EEG session, I simply wrote out the lyrics to the music, and for the other, I composed poetry. The difference between these activities means thought processes can be unambiguously identified in the image.

Referring to the “land” (left hemisphere),

  • the “long grass” in the foreground on the left and right sides is low frequency activity associated with quiet meditation
  • the “golden pool” corresponds to recall and mechanical activities associated with writing (I am right handed)
  • the “ridge” near the horizon is high-frequency creative activity associated with composing poetry

This is the first ever identification of mental processes in this way.


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