dream fall


Dream Fall is a diorama of life in a cardboard box. It started off as a study for “The Apartment on Copernicus Street,” which will appear in the Purpose of Reality story collection from Meerkat Press in 2022.

dream fall

Who are the ones that show themselves
to others, and know that they exist
beyond a doubt?

Who are the ones that carve
the wings of words from balsa,
and send them gliding far?

And when you search
and cannot find them,
and there’s nothing left
but dreams of deliquescence,
who’ll be the ones to save you?

The image was made with VEE, the Visual Evolution Engine, which does not employ standard Artificial Intelligence techniques to mimic existing art, but seeks the realm of the unimagined. The figures were made with VEE and ALISA, Adaptive Layered Image Synthesis. Click image to view larger size.