Illustration for poetry fênix 1: the wave and fênix 2: weepless willows (click image for larger version). Here is a teaser:

The ether wave swept through and swept away
intangible imaginings: shimmers from the overworld,
refractions risen from the subterrain,
and the sephine webs connecting them.

When the wave had passed, the town of Fênix
was no longer cloaked in mystery and fantasy,
only naked objectivity remained,
brutal realism that no-one could withstand.

Made by VEE, the visual evolution engine, with EMMA, the min-max entropy addon.

2 thoughts on “destabilisation

    • I guess that’s why almost everyone left Fênix: we don’t all get to live the dream. The protagonist who was forced to stay behind continues in parts 2 and 3 (with Sorry). There are a few loose threads which hopefully will come together before the Fênix series finishes, as long as I pay attention and don’t consume excessive amounts of Merlot.

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