ancient mars i

Ancient Mars I: The Sephine Age was generated by the visual evolution engine (VEE) from a NASA image, composed of photos taken by their Martian dog, Rover. The evolution takes the original back billions of years, to a time when there was water on Mars. (The figures were evolved and overlayed separately.)

Moving the before/after slider from left to right reveals the changes. VEE does not employ standard Artificial Intelligence techniques to mimic existing art, but has a mind of its own, and it seeks the realm of the unimagined. I never let it go outside without a responsible adult, obviously.

As well as adding the greenery etc, VEE decided to rearrange the mountain ranges on the horizon, and alter the perspective.

The figures were created with VEE and ALISA, Adaptive Layered Image Synthesis.

A high-quality version of the VEE image is available for PayPal purchase.

All freely available images are max 1024 x 576 pixels. The HQ version is 7200 x 4050 pixels, suitable for hi-quality prints at 24” x 13.5” and larger. (The artwork ships as a zipped png file.)

Ancient Mars I: The Sephine Age is a unique 1 of 1 HQ digital edition, and carries the inconstant light artwork stamp unobtrusively in the bottom right corner. The artwork was created by Stephen Walter Simpson in 2021.

NOTE: Pricing is in US$

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An alternative to PayPal, the NFT at OpenSea, may be available here