where is the sun?

A car the color of the sunset disappears
around a corner, the sky recalls a long-ago
metropolis, and films of rain are shining
on the concrete and the bitumen,
the bushes and the trees.

I think about what I’ve done and
what I will, and wonder where’s the sun?
Am I any closer to it?

I cannot write a sentence and be there,
clean my teeth and catch a golden solar flight.
And if I could, would fastidious belief,
lack of pride or the reverse,
affect my orbital approach?

Am I sinful to an extreme,
and only microscopically virtuous?

Is the sea of sophistry, the instant guides
to good behavior, no more than a thread
of ionized particles in the solar wind?

My voice grates like fingernails
on a blackboard, and in the limit cycle
of my existence, I’m envious
of the insects adrift on leaves
in mountain streams.

Now the clouds have cleared,
and I hear the songs of the cicadas.
Their question is the same.

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art video

Where is the sun? (no AI in the creation of this art video). 8K original image=4 UHD screens. Evolved by my software that seeks unimagined realms. 8K original image = 4 UHD screens, from the ultracubist engine. Art and poetry also on Instagram.