the problem with reality

The Purpose of Reality illustrated short story and poetry collections from Meerkat Press, with pretty fair reviews from Publishers Weekly and the like, now available on Amazon and at other outlets, click for details including reviews.

A sun shower in the kitchen
washed my thoughts away,
dissolved my maudlin words.

I didn’t care, my pointless pen
and paper only served
to pass the time.

What was I to do without her?

Before she came, I was timid
in the shadows, sealed inside
a cardboard box marked

She led me to the seagull cliffs
where the ocean grinds the land
away, revealed the world’s reflection
in her celestial mirror,
and in her aura, I caught
a glimpse of glittering
Cassiopeian starlight.

I stacked surrealist dishes
in her likeness, bowls and plates,
cups and saucers, with hibiscus
floral offerings.

But the mercurial winds
of Wednesday
blew the flowers away,
and sent the crockery tumbling.

Now I’m playing hypotheticals,
dreaming she’ll return,
still flustered by the flying fish
she left on perches—
ineffable mementoes.


The Purpose of Reality Solar M2

Sun Echo, click image for larger version (no AI in the creation of this artwork). 8K original image=4 UHD screens. Evolved by my software that seeks unimagined realms.  8K original image = 4 UHD screens, from the ultracubist engine. Art and poetry on Instagram five days per week.