Blade Walker and the vector mind space

Previously on Blade Walker: the earth is inhabited by extraterrestrials, and humans are an endangered species. Blade Walker (human) and Alícia (alien) have escaped a sinkhole and a swarm of enormous wasps. Now thousands of tiny magnetic insects on their heads are attempting to control them. Here are episodes one, two and three.

The silvery insectile helmet suited Alícia.

“My mind is strong enough to deal with the insects.
Your mind … well, it’s anybody’s guess.
Just try to ignore any foreign desires.”

I shrugged. “There isn’t much I wouldn’t like to do.”

“We’ll go to Rick’s scrapyard, it’s nearby.
He has a crane with an electromagnet
that will draw the insects off us.”

As we walked, I tried to identify
foreign thoughts in my vector mind space.
There was nothing out of the ordinary:
a winged Alícia fluttering amongst
the usual N-whales outlined against
the Olbers stars.

“Hang on. The insects are affecting me.
They want me to go for a coffee with you.
Would you like to go for a coffee?”

“No. And that’s not the insects.”


When we reached Rick’s, I realized that the crane
and its electromagnet didn’t appeal to me
—curious— because I’d always been
quite fond of electromagnets.

I ran, but Alícia tackled me and dragged me
into the scrapyard. My insects didn’t like it,
and I sniffled discontentedly.


Alícia held me beneath the crane, struggling
to escape from her headlock, but no sooner
had I written “no sooner” than the insects were gone:
a silver stream entwined with hers, rising upwards
to the electromagnet.

I stopped struggling and she released me,
“You’ll have some bruising.”

I hadn’t asked Alícia which planet she came from,
a grievous error, as I recalled from Mrs Moody’s
intergalactic etiquette class, back at the sanctuary.

“I’ve been meaning to ask you about your home planet.”

“I’m from Tau Ceti 6. I came here on a tourist cruise
and decided to stay for a while.”

Mrs Moody had insisted that a planetary
compliment was necessary as well.

“I’ve always wanted to visit Tau Ceti 6—
a quiet corner of the galaxy,
a quaint countrified atmosphere
with the adorable N-Whales
swimming overhead, and the Olbers stars
shining every day in spring.”

“That’s Rigel 5.”

to continue

A quiet corner of the galaxy with the enigmatic visual evo engine and alien ALISA, adaptive layered image synthesis. A remix of earlier artworks, with original background from NASA’s Mars Rover.

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    • Thanks Jim, I agree. When they land we need to know who they are. Come to think of it, I’ve noticed a few aliens undercover, mostly politicians. 😸

      Unfortunately what might be reality is a bit busy for me at present, so I’m going to have to cut back WP posting to once a month,

    • Thank you, I’m embarrassed. I have been called a genius before, but the other times it was sarcastic. 😸

      I like your posts but I am kind of stuck with WP, and unfortunately I’m going to have to cut back WP because of other commitments.

  1. As more than half of the human body is made up of microbes, and the gut is our second brain, it’s perfectly understandable that the protagonist’s mind wouldn’t be strong enough to overcome mind control by insects. Alicia must have a completely different constitution.

    His interactions with Alicia continue to be delightfully awkward. 🙂

    • I fear that my gut is my only brain. 😬 You know where fictional characters come from. I am capable of unlimited embarrassment. It seems that the more one tries not to do or say something awkward, the more likely it is to happen. I’d write about it, but I’m afraid that I might not survive. 😳

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