Dapto tourism

Previously on Delfina: to escape the apocalypse, the unnamed protagonist allowed himself to be buried in sephine, and became somewhat translucent. He went with Delfina to the Menai, where they found her trans-reality cruiser, a junkyard Plymouth Satellite. The previous episode is here.

Delfina was in the driver’s seat.
“Do you have a name?”

Apparently, Delfina didn’t know everything.

“My name is unimportant,”
I sighed, “It gives me no pleasure,
and I’ve found no consolation in living.
I serve no purpose in the world,
and I’ve noticed that the Plymouth
has no wheels, for steering
or propulsion.”

The steering wheel had been removed
by an automotive opportunist.

“You pale streak of misery,
I shall call you Pierrot.

“Now it’s time to begin our journey.
Check in the glove box, please.”

But I had questions.

… “No, there are no spare wheels.”

… “No, there’s no motor.”

… “No, there is no such thing
as a Kryptonian Hyperspace Drive.”

… “No, the Plymouth doesn’t move,
the world does. Check in the glove box.”


The map was a collection of rectangles
tenuously joined along frayed fold lines.

“Let’s visit Dapto, I’ve never been there.
A short trip to get you accustomed.”

Delfina reached under the dashboard,
and pulled out a fuse box
connected to a wiring harness.

When she touched it, alien symbols
glowed in science-fiction blue,
and her fine translucent fingertips
flickered over them.

“Is that Klingon?”

“Don’t be ridiculous.”

Nothing happened, and then something did:
through the Satellite’s pumpkin-vine canopy,
I saw a gum tree moving: Narnia in the Menai.

to continue

Since childhood, I have waited for technological amazements, and yes, many have appeared. But some have not been put to correct and ethical use, and others are shallow fakery. One consequence is the climate-change apocalypse.

Morning is a reflection on the unknown, a study for “Minimum Safe Distance,” to appear in The Purpose of Reality next year. Perhaps it’s relevant to some ideas here as well.

Artwork created with VEE, the visual evolution engine, from clouds, and a wonderful birdbath photograph kindly provided by @_scosim_ (instagram).


7 thoughts on “Dapto tourism

  1. “The steering wheel had been removed by an automotive opportunist.”…been reflecting on the state of the world and our environment and this struck a chord. Another great piece of writing, Steve.

    • Thank you, Sobhana. 🙏 It relates to what I’ve seen, how quickly abandoned vehicles are dismantled.

      I don’t know why anything happens with WP anymore. I changed to a business account, and I know you can comment using Google & FB as well, which is good. But I’m kind of separate from my own site now. I have to keep logging in, and I don’t get proper records of comments etc. Still, there are a number of advantages, and WP is way ahead of unethical and deliberately confusing Facebook.

    • Thanks Magarisa. Some of that conversation is only a slight exaggeration of me. I am quite capable of coming up with ludicrous suggestions at the drop of a hat.😸

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