Hidden behind history and fantasy, eventualities
bide their time; the rest is unremarkable preamble.

Ideas at mental central station
came and went, sailing carriages
on rails, propelled by fickle winds.

I might go here or there, I thought,
and didn’t wonder whose ideas they were,
or whether I should borrow them.

Above a nearby platform, I saw a scrolling sign,
a luminous list of deferents and epicycles,
of lunar stations on the deep basaltic plains
traversed by the Darklight Rail.

And an echo of Selena, long departed,
wandered through my moonlit mind:
Selena, who had never been too little
or too much, and another me,
who was always both.

Unremarkable preamble?
Not at all, since you remarked on it,
she would have said.

Once I asked her what a scatterbrain was good for.

You’ll have to sort your scattered thoughts
out for yourself. Do the edges first,
and this might help.

I turned the object over, inspected it from
every angle, and none the wiser, thanked her.


A scent of underarm deodorant wafted down the line,
and a flatbed sailing carriage blew into the station.
I stepped aboard, and though I couldn’t see a guard
or helmsman or any other passenger, the breeze
picked up again, and I was on my way.

to continue


darklight rail, youtube video made with the VEE, the visual evolution engine.


Frolic Freeze 5 is now on in Sydney at Articulate, with Phototropic Rondo, a collaborative video by Paul Sutton (insta) and myself, on show. 5 will be followed by 6 in the usual way, and Rondo will be on display Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays for two more weeks, details here.



Because of axolotls, circumstances, the invention of time, planetary misalignments, and definitely not anyone’s laziness, inconstant light will only be updating every three weeks from today.

17 thoughts on “darklight

  1. it is interesting how we see our own minds, yours a moonlit shadow while I have come across others who would describe theirs a theme park or brightly lit shopping mall. a place where feelings have character and personality. love the gorgeous pulse of your artwork.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you, Gina. Yes, it is interesting about our minds. I suppose that the states of mind are all there inside the mall or the theme park.

      I have thought of a mind as being like a mall myself, even wrote a story somewhere or other. But it was almost deserted, late at night, shops closed, and you couldn’t find your way out. As you would expect from me.


    • Thanks. The piece might have started off a little more doom-laden than it finished, I think I mellowed a bit.

      I suspect you’re right about the flatcar, we’ll see. 😸 BTW, I’ve had to cut back WordPress to once every three weeks, just don’t have the time unfortunately.


    • Yes, that’s my experience as well, Magarisa: sometimes it’s good to give thinking a rest before reaching the moon or beyond.

      Definitely lonely, and it owes something to my memories of waiting in the Redfern underground after working late at night. The trains were few and far between, and you could imagine all sorts of things.

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  2. Those videos are fascinating Steve and I love this poem and the notion that the unremarkable cannot exist if it is remarked on…plus trains and stations and modes of transport with no one at the helm…plus that scent of underarm deodorant….plus that echo of Selena and that hint again of that elephant in the room..JIM

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks, Jim. I may have recycled the “unremarkable” idea from a great novel: “If Nobody Speaks of Remarkable Things,” by Jon McGregor.

      I sometimes think that no-one is at the helm in life’s journeys, it’s just an illusion.

      Time spent when I was younger, waiting late at night in the deserted underground of Redfern Station, also came into play.


  3. Catching up on your recent beautiful poetry, Steve.
    “You’ll have to sort your scattered thoughts
    out for yourself. Do the edges first,
    and this might help.”
    Do the edges first, this may help in dealing with all the scattered COVID-19 thoughts.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I didn’t have time the last time I was here, to really digest this. But I am glad to come back.
    I really love this. Well, as always. There’s a lot that is so relatable, and I feel very much I would just like to frame this on my wall.

    Liked by 1 person

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