rewound world 5: saudade

Previously on the Rewound World: while I looked on, four trepid post-apocalyptic travelers wandering in the Nullarbor Plain defeated the internet. Episode One is here.

Over there, do you see?
Ada’s vision was terrascopic.
An effulgence is rising in unsingable blues
and yellows.

The flaring light was visible to each of us
according to our dreams and secrets.

I see a blossoming criticality in the decay of some discarded weapon
it’s a tower reflecting sunlit dreams, sharpened by the sky
I need to clean my glasses
a brightly beckoning earthstar, not the fungus though
it reminds another time and place, or nothing, more or less

Although the gusting winds had blown our extant hair
to different compass points, we chose to travel together,
to traverse a contour favored by the crows and bees,
towards the destination that all our stories sought.


As time and space went by, the others made conversation.
I was taking notes, hoping I might hear a little
something I could use.

John P, the extraneous extra, was reading from a script.

When the internet was still alive, I heard about
the Martian Song of War.
It’s said that, once begun, it can never finish,
but on Mars’ Got Talent, the capricious Deija Thoris
hummed a verse or two.

Deidre was nostalgic.

I miss the Martian years, our planet’s subjugation.
I was a Martian’s pet, housed and fed.
Now I long for clear instruction, to be led
in chiaroscuro.

With blue and yellow fringes, the spectral Paulo
wafted nervously in and out of phase.
I thought I might be wearing glasses made of cellophane,
(cheap 3D) until he stared at me
from right between the pixels.

Can’t we start again, from Episode One?

No, I told him, in exactly that many words,
What does a ghost who’s shed
the clothes of living have to fear?

In that distant light, I sense the presence of
the ancient angels, their chlorophyll and hemoglobin.

Their laughter and their natural philosophies
make me tremble; I’m loathe to face
such unforgivable seriousness.

to continue


Secrets (best viewed in HD) is a concept video for the collaborative project with wizardly photographer Paul Sutton (insta). I have no secrets.

Made by VEE, the visual evolution engine.

36 thoughts on “rewound world 5: saudade

  1. “Now I long for clear instruction, to be led in chiaroscuro.”…..wonderful stuff! I’d like to hear more about being a Martian’s pet…
    I found the video mesmerising but nightmarish. For some reason it reminded me of Hiroshima…the melt down of normal life.

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    • Thanks, Nikita. It is probably better that I leave Martian’s human pets to your imagination. I do have some concepts, mind you. 😸

      Thanks also for your thoughts on the video, I can see what you’re getting at. It’s actually a photograph Paul took of a street in Venice, and I originally saw it as Venice submerging, becoming Atlantis (also the end of normality).

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  2. So much to like here: any scene with an ‘effulgence…in unsingable blues and yellows,’ has my attention and in the same work to reference Michael Dransfield, the great romantic hippy drug poet of the 1960s and 70s – well a big koala stamp with eucalypt cluster from me.

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    • Thank you, Peter, and for the stamp. The blues and yellows from Michael Nesmith are forever stuck in my head, and the other Michael, I went to primary school with. But I won’t tell stories out of school.

      Oh alright, maybe one 😸. Our English teacher asked the class to write some poetry. I came second (good work, Simpson), and then the teacher spent the rest of the lesson praising the winner’s poem. No prize for guessing who that was.

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    • Thank you, Sobhana. Even for ghosts, I don’t think it’s ever simple, but who knows? Everyone has ideas about ghosts. Glad you liked the video; people have various ideas about its meaning. I think it’s a good thing, and valuable feedback for Paul and I.

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  3. Perfection as always, Steve. Video words imagery…I seem to be stuck on the desire to be a part of Mar’s Got Talent. Maybe my yoko ono voice and guitar strumming will be appreciated there 😄

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  4. I didn’t have time earlier to comment on the last three pieces, but this is all such a captivating mix of being profoundly moving, and hilarious, which I know I have said before…
    But with the art as well, I can’t really find the words. I really love it.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Thanks for that (embarrassingly) generous feedback, Paul. Definitely real-life for some of us, unfortunately, although I suppose a mix is a good thing. And opinions on the videos are valuable as we find a way forward.


  5. So much in here Steve…
    “In that distant light, I sense the presence of
    the ancient angels, their chlorophyll and hemoglobin”
    Two lines to ponder endlessly….all that and a nod to the smart Monkee, Mike Nesmith!


    • Thanks, Jim, and for singling out those lines. They’re partly based on something my daughter said to me when she was a child, and partly me thinking about nature and belief.

      I agree completely about Nesmith; “Joanne” is such a beautiful and mysterious piece.


  6. I wonder if all their stories are really seeking the same destination, or if they’re just traveling together to stave off loneliness. After all, there generally aren’t many beings left following an apocalypse.
    A fascinating, somewhat scary video.

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      • Thank you very much Steve. I’m glad people can still read my stuff despite the fact that it does not appear to me on the internet. There is some one who may be able to help when he comes back from Bangladesh, meanwhile I’ll carry on accessing it via your blog.

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