homo sapiens beta 10: diversity


Proteus, the Jurassic prototype person, created Proteus II, a luminous version of himself, by reciting his own name. Following the advice of Archie, the archaeopteryx, flesh-and-blood Evita was created when Proteus II recited her name. After an interlude in which questions of Jurassic fashion were resolved, Proteus II claimed that he’d created Proteus in the same way, that he came first, à la chicken and egg, and the Proteus brothers took to arguing. Part one is here

Evita found a sapling
and whipped them both
around their heads.

Behave yourselves,
you see no further than each other,
yet your vanity knows no bounds.

The brothers Proteus paid no heed,
but in the end, with glowing ears,
(literal and not) they realized that
their circulating arguments
were tiresome and childish.


I have some plans, Proteus II announced,
I’ll be travelling to the future Ethiopia.
The prototyping phase is over,
it’s time for the production version.

Proteus felt the need to match his brother.
If it’s foretold by the woolly stars tonight,
I may invent decaffeinated coffee,
or else conditional phrases are on the cards.

Evita was more decisive.
Too much does not exist, too little does.
We’ll ride the skyward winds on pterosaurs,
cross the mountains to an evergreen plain,
a checkerboard of orchards
with Granny Smiths and a snake or two.

Archie, the demure archaeopteryx,
took an interest.
Snakes? Rather tasty I expect.

— fin —




  • Ethiopia is a possible place of origin of modern humans. Proteus II took over a 100 million years to arrive, so he must have dawdled, or perhaps he passed his time creating other mammals.
  • woolly stars
  • Granny Smith apples originated in Australia.
  • A number of birds eat snakes, kookaburras are particularly fond of them.

entropica (part above). This is a single frame from a video made by VEE, the visual evolution engine with EMMA, an entropy min-max add-on.

25 thoughts on “homo sapiens beta 10: diversity

  1. You surpass yourself with this Steve. Wonderful! The artwork seems to be ephemeral and luminous shadows of people. What an incredible imagination you have. Congratulations.

    Liked by 3 people

    • Glad you enjoyed, Margaret, and I am grateful for your kind words. I like your luminous shadows of people, and I think I can see them in the artwork. I have been trying to achieve a kind of organic growth with the evolution and the resultant video. When I find time I hope to post a video or two.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Incredible mergence in the art; separate, yet together; monochromatic and colorful; distinct, yet blended. The makings of a gorgeous art, the final grace of the end, and the final, fluffy foam on the cappuccino (all in one). I really love this artwork, and appreciate the intelligence behind the fictional fantasies.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Wow, thank you Randy, a triple shot with extra everything, I’m very grateful, and actually feeling enthusiastic which doesn’t happen that often. The entropy art coding is allowing me to do new things with detailed and less detailed, I still need to explore what is possible.

      In the end, I was pleased with the wrap up. Possibly knowing where it was going a few weeks before helped. Thank you again.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Hahaha. I notice the decaf coffee has captured a bit of attention. I think it appeared because of my own attempts to limit my caffeine intake, and it’s more or less what I’d expect from Proteus. Thank you, Clarissa.


    • Glad you liked the narrative, Paul, and thank you for highlighting that line. To be honest, it’s probably better not to spell out my thinking, I’ll leave that in the non-existent category as well.


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