homo sapiens beta 9: circularity


Now there are two version of Proteus, the Jurassic prototype human. Proteus, the original, made of liquids, solids, and a not insignificant amount of gas, and the ionized and luminous Proteus II, created by Proteus when he said his own name. Proteus speaks with glowing lights, and conversely, the plasmoid Proteus II speaks with sounds that condense solids. Archie, the talking archaeopteryx pointed this out, but neither version of Proteus grasped its significance. Part one is here.

Don’t you see, you prehistoric buffoons?
If Proteus II recites the name “Evita,”
she’ll coalesce in flesh and fluid form.



When Evita of the earth arrived,
Proteus did not expound
his theory of countability:
he’d somewhat learned a lesson.

Instead he showed her his encyclopedia,
being wary not to speak too much.

Evita studied Proteus thoughtfully,
paying close attention to the denizens of his beard,
and afterwards prepared a shopping list
for Proteus II, who agreed to read it out.

…an all-cotton jumpsuit, medium size,
extra-large overalls,
a cutthroat razor,
breath freshener…



Proteus II was impressed
with his bleeding beardless other.

Cool dude, who would have guessed
what was hiding underneath?

He sighed.

You’re like a brother to me,
but there’s something I must tell you.

You’re not the archetype,
not the original, not at all.
You’re not the first of us.

In a dreamless time
before this time of dreams,

I said “dude,” and you appeared.

Proteus was unimpressed,
and the brothers took to arguing over
who was the chook and who was the egg,
with numerous examples materializing.

to continue


horizon (part above) made with VEE (the visual evolution engine) and TIM (the illustrated mind software) from 7 minutes of my EEG.

Referring to the “land” in the section of the image shown above (left cerebral hemisphere):

  • the “long grass” in the foreground on the right is low frequency activity associated with quiet meditation
  • the “golden pool” corresponds to recall and mechanical activities associated with writing (I am right handed)
  • the “ridge” on the left near the horizon is high-frequency creative activity associated with composing poetry

This is the first ever identification of mental processes in this way, further details here.


25 thoughts on “homo sapiens beta 9: circularity

    • Thank you, Margaret. The blue grass is because I have Martian brainwaves. 👽 Understanding —it’s up to you, I find there are things I think I understand, but I don’t, and also things I think I don’t understand, but I do. That is a very vague answer, I should work in politics. 🙂

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  1. I always thought the chook-egg debate involved only them and nothing of a non-chook species. I’d long put this matter to rest—I’ll have to chew on this again. Oh, and, I think I like the images of Proteus as a bearded dude. For sure I love the artwork even more.

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    • Well, if a non-chook lays a hen’s egg, then it will hatch into a chook, and so the very first egg came before the very first chook.

      Maybe some beards are okay, but Proteus’ beard had an assortment of wildlife in it, which I assume did not impress Evita. Thank you, Annie, I want to do more EEG art.

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    • Thank you, Sobhana. I am playing catch up as usual. The EEG artworks are coming along, and the related research project will start soon. It’s readily possible to identify different mental activities with scans or with a large number of electrodes, but here it is just a simple headset with only a few electrodes.

      I decided that, even with proto-humans in the Jurassic era, modest attire and personal hygiene are important. 😸

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  2. Evita now has two Proteuses at her disposal… maybe she will dispose of them with the cutthroat razor? “Bleeding beardless” sounds like a an expletive, albeit a tame version. I wonder if Archie and Evita will go off together and leave the brothers to their argument. Another clever, witty piece, Steve.

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    • Thank you, Magarisa. I like where you were going with the story. Anyway as usual I’m playing catch up, too much to do in the New Year, and I finally managed to finish it off, more or less.

      Possibly Evita was a bit rough with the razor, but I’ve always found it a positive sign when someone wants to remake your image. Not that I have ever had the Jurassic look myself. More Neolithic. 😸

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  3. fascinating art work, Steve…I always liked the word “denizens”……of course the chook and egg thing can’t be answered without a divine intervention….which is the lazy man’s answer!

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  4. I have been loving all of the art. This one is fascinating.
    And congrats on the Artxio situation. I feel this information should be more widely shared.

    As usual, there are too many literary gems in here. “and a not insignificant amount of gas” just to name one. 🙂

    And then at the end, “the numerical lesson” literally made me laugh out loud as I pictured Proteus counting his toes…

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    • I have shared it with my family. They do not appreciate me. Artxio came about because one of my ex PhD students runs the business and asked me to put something up.

      I’m glad you noticed the gaseous state of matter, literary gem or not. 😸

      Numbers and toes are so important. It would be strange if we had, say, 5 fingers per hand, but 6 toes per foot. Would our number system be based on 10 or 12? As you can tell, I sympathize with Proteus: we should be forgiven for playing to what we think are our strengths.

      Thanks, Vanessa. Those particular brainwaves seemed to come out quite well, a number of people commented. I must think like that more often.

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      • Aaahhh family. They can so keep us humble. 🙂 Do you mean in regards your art then, or the awesome sounding methods you have come up with? They are not artistic, or just prefer different kinds of art?
        That is very cool of your ex student to do that, business, and asking you.

        Numbers…it is interesting isn’t it, I mean why do we consider it strange if we had five hand digits but six foot digits?

        Yes they did! But hey, why stop there…it could be really fascinating how others come out?! 🙂

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        • Thanks for all of your kind words, Vanessa. I am applying comment consolidation, and you can trust me about the rhinos.

          I’m exaggerating about extended family: they’re a mixture with expertise in various areas, and in fact, two artworks are with family. Mostly they appreciate what I do. Once I’d written something in a card, can’t even remember what it was about, but I showed my daughter and asked her if it was okay. She said, “It’s fine. They know it’s you.”

          Just a coincidence with my ex student, and it was kind of him. Possibly we’ll do something more in the future, who knows?

          Yes, numbers are endlessly fascinating 🤓, the ancient Sumerians didn’t even used base 10: they used base 60, and it still pops up in seconds to minutes, minutes to hours, degrees etc. One reason was that 60 is conveniently divisible by 2, 3, 4, 5. I need another nerd face.

          I urgently need to find time to do more EEG for art, with more people. The EEG for biomedical research is strictly, and rightly, limited in its use by ethical considerations.

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        • There’s no question I trust you about the rhinos, Steve.
          haha it sounds like your daughter may have inherited your humour?

          Hmmm a rhino meditating while counting his toes, that could be fascinating EEG art Steve…just saying… 🤓

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