homo sapiens beta 6: knitting


Proteus, the prototype human, speaks with glowing shapes, not sounds. His words created the charming and luminous plasmoid Evita, and unexpectedly, her companion, Adamstown. Now they’ve eloped, and only Proteus and his silent companion, Archie, are left. Archie is an archaeopteryx who enables soliloquies. The scene is the usual Jurassic jungle.

By my words alone, I will generate
the necessities of modern life.

Behold, when I say “lightbulb,”


a lightbulb appears.

The shape that sprang from his mouth
was not unlike an unsuccessful balloon twisting
of a micro-sized baboon, but Proteus was pleased,
having no idea what a lightbulb might be.

Archie, who thought the curious entity
looked rather tasty, snaffled it up
and swallowed it.

After his success with domestic lighting,
Proteus couldn’t help but think about Evita,
who had inverted all his dreams.

Although she’s far away and formed
from ionized plasma, I will find her,
and bring her home to me.

Adamstown, who took her from me,
is striped from head to tail,
so I will boldly knit myself
a comparable sweater
with matching scarf and beanie.
And since the weather’s turning chilly,
I’ll fashion it from wool.

But first off, I’ll need sheep.

Proteus spoke the “sheep” word,
exhaling fluorescent filaments that wove the air,
and unsure of a sufficiency of “sheep,”
he went on and on, falling asleep,
continuing in his dreams,
murmuring their name.

to continue

the plasmoid Adamstown

night weave (detail above). Made by VEE, the visual evolution engine.

20 thoughts on “homo sapiens beta 6: knitting

  1. “I will boldly knit myself a comparable sweater with matching scarf and beanie.” Would love to see the final product! The prototype human is becoming an endearing character…As always, the artwork is out of the world, Steve 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you, Sobhana. I’m guessing his intention is something like a football fan’s outfit, but I have to say Proteus isn’t thinking very clearly. I suppose it’s because he’s only a prototype. Anyway, we’ll see what eventuates (I hope).😸


  2. I’ve been struggling to maintain focus when reading longer pieces these days. Today I decided I would take it one line at a time. Toward the end I thought I read: “first off, I’ll need sleep” and had to double back to re-read. Maybe I miscounted a sheep before sleep—so maybe I’ll try again 🙂

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    • Who knows? The logic of creating for Proteus is a bit of a mystery, but I hope to have it sorted by Saturday, you’re supposed to be consistent even in fantasy. 🐑 Mind you, I have nothing against baboons. We have several of them in Parliament here.

      Liked by 2 people

  3. Hope Archie doesn’t get ill from eating that light bulb.
    I love the image of Proteus ‘exhaling fluorescent filaments that wove the air’. ‘Unsure of a sufficiency of “sheep”‘ is a catchy phrase. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you, Magarisa, and very observant of you as usual. It’s like when you’re watching a movie, and the camera zooms in on something insignificant, a piece of paper that has fallen on the floor and not been noticed, or whatever. You know that it must be important, but you don’t know why. Speaking for myself, zero sheep is already a sufficiency. 🐑 I wouldn’t mind a llama or two though, to be ready for the alpacalypse.

      Liked by 1 person

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