solar disenchantment


Lately yesterday, lost in thoughts
of solar unattainment, I met the windwalkers,
copper blood and lightning’s megahertz whispers.

An intergalactic basket, delivered to the wrong address,
a three much like an eight,
turned out to be a hamster who used to be a synonym,
five parts fantasy, each alone and falling.

My parachute had opened gently,
though the air was thin,
and atmospheric heartbeats
were rushing in my ears.

Oh look, a guinea pig emoji,
oversimplified, never thinking

through perception to the superficies of time.

Deija washed away the yellow paint
with a bucketful of Windex.


I’m asleep in the forever bus,
while Deija drives down longitudes,
through deficits in squares, islands in the cities,
navigating corridors of power grids,
to where botanic bones are burning
in equatorial flames.


The ripple of the waters,
ice floes once, sliced by oars
beneath the burbling thunder.

Your rowing’s slowed to a tidal drift.
you’ve missed your destination on the panascopic shores,
a screensaver is cycling in your eyes.

The windwalkers have taught me
of a faraway electric sky,
of subtle scalar fields,
of auroral ambiguity.

To float in silence, to not look down.

Integral equations, closed collision operators,
a dichotomy, and you.

Fluffy hydrolithic clouds, Mesozoic reflections,
fish on fire in the river.


It starts, it stops, it’s out of seamless order,
my timeline deck's been shuffled.

Your DNA is Lisp encoded,
programmed in recursion.
Every human’s made of future memories,
starting at the extro, running to the intro.

define life(living & life(living & life(living & …

I wouldn’t put that in your resumé.


First the body. Attach yourself with strings of dreams,
with bio chimeras and ligamental armatures.

to continue, with Cm or a cat, chinaware or crystal, cephalopods or cappuccino, or with anything at all.


  • lightning emits broad band rf
  • set earlier in the same universe as deija thoris (Who cares?  I just love the way it sounds.)
  • Windex is a trademark of S C Johnson & Son, Inc.
  • most oil and gas deposits formed in the Mesozoic or Paleozoic eras
  • Lisp is a computer language with tail recursion; the code above is representational only (i.e. wrong)

artwork ask the fish (detail above)

40 thoughts on “solar disenchantment

  1. Oh, wow. This one started just like any other day, perhaps a yesterday, that quickly turned into an ethereal environment. Whoddathunkit—did the hamster really know what it used to be? Is he now an antonym? And where can I find this forever bus; I’d like to get on board, see where it takes me. The formula nearing the end—I haven’t quite cracked it yet, is that why I can’t put it in my resume? Maybe I can show you a trick you may not have seen before, how ‘bout that.

    What an amazing realm this piece took me to, Steve.

    Liked by 3 people

    • Well … let’s see. it’s hard to put myself into the mind of a hamster (ha ha, no it’s not), but it’s pretty easy to be a synonym, an antonym might be tricky.

      You have to wait for the bus at a forever bus stop, but you might be waiting a long time, forever. 😄

      The Lisp code is incorrect terminology and syntax, that’s why. There’s an infinity of things I haven’t seen, Annie, maybe you’re a Lisp expert 😃, but I’ll try again with another example that might make more sense:

      I am writing a procedure for my Lisp android to build a brick fence for me. The first step is the ending condition: are all the bricks in place? If so, finish. The second step is to add a brick. The last step is to call the procedure again. Done.

      So I programmed backwards, starting at the end, although when it runs it builds the fence in the normal way. And also, when it runs, it doesn’t finish the procedure for the first brick (or the others) until the whole fence is done.

      I think life is like that in some ways, it’s not always one step at a time. Sorry to put you to sleep. 💤 Thanks, Annie.

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    • “It’s not always one step at a time”. Brilliant, Steve! And no, you did not put me to sleep, though it took me twice as hard to focus on the instruction. I got the gist, though, I think: start at the end. Know where you want to be at the end of it all, and then work backwards. Genius, Steve. Thank you so much. 🙏🏼😁

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    • My pleasure, Annie, and yes that’s right. The inventor of Lisp deserves some credit too. 😃 I’ve only programmed a little, and it can be tricky when you’re not laying bricks.

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  2. its the heartbeats and the whispers that intrigue me, when I am in a new environment those are the fist things that hit me, some say new smells, for me its the new sounds created by the interactions of new DNA in an established pool. a very enjoyable piece of fantasy and illusion as always Steve. but this one has a strong dreamlike quality when I read it in a silent room/

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    • I know what you mean, sounds are a kind of expansive, they extend the sphere of our awareness. And you’re perceptive as usual: the parachute and some later lines were part of a strange but pleasant dream. Thank you, Gina.

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    • Thank you, Sobhana. The question of time, of memories, is one that I keep coming back to. Einstein said that the past and the future, the arrow of time, is a “stubbornly persistent illusion.” I wonder about that.

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  3. These windwalkers must really have extraordinary willpower, Steve: “to float in silence, to not look down”, especially with “fish on fire in the river” :-O I simply cannot not look down when I float in my dreams 🙂

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    • I agree, Said, I can’t think of a dream where I didn’t either. To be honest, I was thinking of a rare experience of just waking up and floating in blue nothingness for a while. It’s happened to me just a couple of times and I’m hoping it isn’t some serious mental aberration. 😜 Of course, the burning fish are definitely a symptom of something. 😄

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  4. Glad the parachute opened gently! The whole thing is haunting, especially “I’m asleep in the forever bus.” There even looks like a pink ghost with two eyes in the graphic, floating to the right. And then, right when things are getting a bit desperate, comes the chuckle about the resume! 🙂

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    • Me too. Ghosty just to the left of the fish with the red upper head, I didn’t notice him before.

      To be honest, that line would fit perfectly in my resume. It’s not as if any of it makes sense. Thank you BG.

      PS: I do lose sleep sometimes, worrying about what the hamsters are up to.


  5. I wonder what the windwalkers look like. Perhaps they’re invisible?
    I also wonder how the synonym became a hamster. No matter how this happened, it must have at least one twin. After all, a synonym can only be labelled as such when it means the same as … you know what I mean. 🙂
    If every human’s made of future memories, will we be survived by our ascendants?

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    • The windwalkers appeared in a first draft of one of my stories. It reads:
      … It was hard to say what they looked like, you had to blink hard to even get a glimpse. Dogs seemed to do better, they became ferocious around the windwalkers and bit their owners. But on humanity’s side there was no overreaction, no paranoia. After all, the invisible, like the poor, could infiltrate almost anywhere. “It’s just the beginning,” the military said, “They should have rung first, let us know they were on the way.”

      With the hamsters, non-reciprocity might be important, i.e., you can find a synonym for a hamster, but it’s hard to find a hamster for a synonym. And with our ascendants, I think “yes” as long as they stand on their heads to maintain relativity. I hope that clarifies, Magarisa. 😄

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    • Ah, so the windwalkers can only be seen behind closed eyes, when one blinks hard enough. How rude of them not to have rung first.

      Poor synonyms must get lonely without hamsters.

      All clear as quicksand. 🙂

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