omégaville 4 by 4


Led by Isabela, the underworld army from Omégaville has marched across the land. Isabela has won the coveted Succubus of the Year Award and is about to be interviewed on the Tonight Tonight Show. Part 1 is here.

Four wise media personalities filed onto the set,
wearing numbered T-shirts.

Number one took a sip of water,
cleared her throat, and began.

Our viewers have noticed your vanguard:
four headless mules with fire
shooting from their necks,
and matching riders
with fireworks for heads.

Isabela wore a mid-grey lounge suit,
accessorized with a blood-stained riding crop.

That’s right, they’re on a smoko
in the car park.

Number two continued, relay-style.

We expected … a more traditional
apocalypse, the usual horsemen—
famine, war, pestilence, whatever.

Isabela flicked her riding crop
at the monarch butterfly
which had followed us from Rio Preto.

These are the times of the new nights,
when everything’s combustible,
when everything is burning
in quadruplicate:
the fiery ardor of matter,
furnaces that smelt the mind,
bodies set ablaze,
hearts become infernos.

While the panel of celebrities
whispered amongst themselves,
the show cut to an ad break.

Diadema’s Dominatrices—
let your casual acquaintances
know exactly where they stand.

The expert next in sequence
looked down at his tee shirt,
but was lacking basic numeracy skills.

Isabela’s late quartet was on his mind.

We lightly understand
the flammable synthetics of the body,
and Einstein’s matter-energy ambivalence,
but the other fires of which you spoke
are outside our experience.

Would you care to shed some light
on molten minds and hearts flambé?

Isabela stifled a yawn.
No. I wouldn’t.


Her award was a gilded statuette,
and Isabela verified the sharpness of the horns
before she threw it at the butterfly, missed,
and destroyed the teleprompter.

She accepted gracefully,
thanked the riders and the mules
for their unwavering support,
me, for keeping records, cryptic and indecipherable,
and asked the studio audience to choose between
a world of peace and evensong,
and a world of passionate confusion.

I called out for peace discretely,
but excitement won.
The passionate are noisier
than the peaceful in every situation.

Well, she said and raised one hand
cupped open (the butterfly landed nervously),
let me tell you what that ardent future holds.

But first, some tropical fabrications
from our sponsor—Fashion Caliente.

to continue after falling off a small cliff

I don’t think it’s product placement if the product doesn’t exist, or if the product is embedded in an ad which is part of the narrative, i.e. diegetic. But if the companies happened to exist and they wanted to pay me, I would accept.

artwork cloud theory, part above

33 thoughts on “omégaville 4 by 4

  1. i always like the absurdity of placing something horrifying into a normalized, quotidian situation & setting; here the bringer of Armageddon being interviewed on TV. Its always a satisfying angle.
    i hear an arch-villain voice for Isabela, i hear hissing sibilants & cutting velars, like

    That’ssssssss rrrriiiiight, they’rrrre on a ssssssmok k k ooo
    in the c c cAaaaar park k k.

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    • Hahaha, I like that, now I’m hearing it too. Thanks Daniel. I think all of these cliché horrors have been made commonplace in the various fantasy art forms (including computer games). For me they’re like old friends. The real horrors are … a bit different.

      Liked by 1 person

    • If peace includes being slightly? lazy, I’m with you. 😃 For me, what I see when I watch, say, a daytime talk show (admittedly not often and not for long) is pretty much like that. Thanks, BG, also for noticing the “flambe,” I was happy with that. 😃


      • I agree. And I just noted something I need to apologize for. In my hurry I typed “you’re poems” UGH. My English teacher is frowning at me as we speak. :). I guess, as your expert with no numerical skills, I’m the poet without grammatical ones. 🙂 Have a great day!

        Liked by 1 person

        • I didn’t even notice, but I changed it to keep your English teacher happy. 😃 Honestly, it doesn’t matter at all. I’m careless with everything, you name it, but I’ve found I can keep my inner perfectionist happy by simply not looking.

          Since yesterday, I’ve been trying to track down a bug I introduced in some computer code, and now I’m flicking between two computers so I can do blog stuff at the same time. You can imagine how attentively that is going. 🤓 You also, tomorrow. 😃

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  2. “A more traditional apocalypse”, “Succubus of the Year”. Knowing inversions of what passes for reality these days and a reminder to me that I may have a short story about a succubus within me if I can get around to it. Monday morning is cheered up.

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    • Peace seems to be the favorite at inconstant light; maybe it’s different in Latin America.😃

      Let me explain. Indecipherable records have symbolic importance, for example, they could be used to wrap symbolic fish bones. Similarly, this explanation has symbolic significance, and it might also be used to wrap symbolic fish bones. 😜

      Liked by 1 person

        • I agree, and fish and their bones are full of symbolism. I have a dried piranha on a key chain that I never use but I still keep it for emergencies. I don’t know what sort of emergency and I don’t really want to find out. 😄

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  3. Bizarre and entertaining as always. Loved
    “and asked the studio audience to choose between
    a world of peace and evensong,
    and a world of passionate confusion.”

    If we had a peaceful world would we still make art or do we need passionate confusion to make us creative?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Nikita. I’m happy to take a (personal) stab at that one. I think that some peaceful people produce marvelous creative art, but I am definitely not one of them. “Peaceful” is no good for me, even though I meditate. On the other hand, being confused, passionate, stressed, even unwell, seems to work, with the proviso that I can free my mind just enough to do something.

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  4. Hi Steve, I can identify with your comment. Most of my art and writing seems to be a reaction to trauma and conflict. I think if my life became too peaceful I would probably just sit around eating cake all day! I’ve been trying to think of writers who create from a ‘happy place’ and can’t think of anyone other than Jane Austin, possibly… Even comedy usually has a dark side. I think you need conflict to propel a story but visual art is different. The Impressionists, for example, painted many tranquil pictures and more recently Georgia O’Keefe. Their work focuses on the beauty in the world. Anyway I don’t think there’s much chance of world peace, unfortunately, so we don’t need to worry about the death of art!

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