omégaville 2: autumnal anomaly


In Omégaville, humans and other lifeforms are misbehaving. Instead of chasing each other or watching tv, they’re climbing upward as best they can and occasionally howling at the moon. The local government representative advised that action (unspecified) would be taken. The first part is here.

A committee in the hollow halls of government
met in secret and agreed in unanimity
that every living creature in Omégaville
was unnatural, illegal,*
and with surprising prescience,
most likely dangerous.

By presidential decree, the town’s unknown
contagion would be eliminated
with an indelicate serein,
an autumn shower of incendiary missiles.

As they left the meeting, no-one paid attention
to the words of old Silénio,
who was cleaning up the shot glasses
by consuming whatever might remain:

The deity Fortuna is surely watching over us
and laughing her tiara off.

Every problem has a singular solution
that human ingenuity rarely fails to find—
the solution that’s precisely the worst of all.


I was passing a little quality time with my dog
and a stray armadillo on a rooftop,
when I saw a dusty motorcade
on the dirt road leading out of town:
five limos, four Brasílias, three Beetles, and a pair
of shampooed poodles yapping from a window.

No doubt it was the Delegado and his counsellors,
their families, selected hangers-on,
and the odd amante, paid and on the clock.

As they headed off to Rio de Janeiro,
a flock of Super Toucans in a military wedge
descended from the clouds, and I asked the armadillo
if there might be reason for concern,
but he declined to comment.


In two hot minutes, Omégaville was ablaze
inside an oblate hemisphere of radiance.

And yet, when everything that didn’t melt or vaporize
was burned to ash,
when no hope was lost because there was none
to begin with,
when the armadillo had long since whispered
his tearful goodbyes,
events took an unexpected left-hand turn
at the intersection with reality.

As if we’d purchased smoothies
made of pomegranates
from Persephone’s orchard,
we were all transfigured,
phoenix-fallen and risen from the subterrain,
our bodies reinvented in Dante’s ecosystem,
our innocence transformed to ardor in raging fields of fire.

For no particular reason, I’ve made a bit of a list.

demons, impish and arch, aloof and smug

hounds of hell with wagging tails,
barking at the flaming devils of Tasmania

nameless beings burning with perpetual heat,
who might have powered turbines
with a limitless green supply of energy

a suite of Stravinsky’s firebirds

and even insects, leaving sooty contrails as they buzzed
and spiraled, smoking tiny roll-their-owns.

to continue

*Section 43 of the Lunar Act 1922 forbids moon howling except on public holidays.


Silenus, the oldest and most drunken of the followers of Bacchus, has a special place in my heart and in my writing.

I find it confusing that Persephone doesn’t rhyme with saxophone, especially when I picture Persephone playing a saxophone.

Super Tucano (Super Toucan) is a great name for a military attack aircraft, but why the teeth? I would expect a colorful beak.

Dante’s Inferno (1320 or so)

Firebird Suite, Stravinksy; 1919 version, Yuri Temirkanov, RPO. Apparently best not to play while drinking tea.

artwork: rising anomaly, part above

Despite terminal laziness, I’ve made an incomplete listing of my short stories and poetry sold to publishers. A fair amount is freely available (shown in green). The listing is also under a menu item at the top of the page.

29 thoughts on “omégaville 2: autumnal anomaly

  1. I’ll take Stravinsky’s suite of firebirds. It seems like the least scary option! The contagion and the missiles definitely seem threatening right now. I think I’ll go underground until it’s all over. But not until after I go birding tomorrow. Maybe I’ll see one of the firebirds.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Good choice, BG, as long as you don’t spill your tea while listening. Hard to know what the real threat is, that’s what I find these days anyway.

      Enjoy your birding. I tried to take pics of birds along the banks of a river I visit, small ones that fly like little bullets. Always blurred, then I saw these great photos on the internet so I gave up. Anyway that’s not birding, more incompetence. 😃

      Liked by 1 person

  2. unanimity – I learnt a new word and how to use it in a sentence – thank you! I would be very suspicious of creatures that did not chase each other. after that sentence I was in support of the secret vote to eliminate without hesitation. sharing some trivia or maybe its disguised truth, myth goes that wolves are immune to arsenic, maybe that’s why the howl at the moon. so weapons of mass destruction must be selected carefully. I love being caught up in your fantasy world Steve!

    Liked by 2 people

    • Thanks Gina. I’m also suspicious of creatures that don’t watch tv. It isn’t right. 😄 That is very useful information. I will bear it in mind if wolves take over the world. I agree, in fact I’d say all weapons must be selected appropriately, as Lou Reed demonstrated: “Hey, you hit me with a flower/You do it every hour/Oh, baby you’re so vicious.” 😄

      Liked by 1 person

  3. This piece strikes me very personally, Steve. Definitely, five hearts! ♡♡♡♡♡ Almost to this day, 44 years ago (7 Feb. 1974), my hometown Jolo became an Omégaville under a shower of incendiary missiles, brought about by a presidential writ to impose a serein solution to a supposed misbehavior by a people trying to break out of a Walled City. But events did take an unexpected turn, and my Omégaville survives, transfigured well beyond the confines of the Walled City. 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Unspecified actions and unknown contagions are the scariest! It’s been a long time since you’ve mentioned the deity Fortuna…good to see her. 🙂 Smoothies made of pomegranates sound amazingly delicious.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Paul. I agree about “arch,” I imagine its usage is falling. Perhaps that’s because the arch demons now have media advisors who teach them to feign humility. Of course, there are some exceptions. 😃 Death is often only an inconvenience in scifi/fantasy, there are plenty of possibilities for continuation.

      Liked by 1 person

    • A bit of farce happening here. Persephone brought the pomegranates seeds from hell, so you would need a field trip.😃 I don’t think I’ve tried an actual pomegranate smoothie, but I checked the internet and they look good; usually they include other fruits. Thanks, Randy.


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