Once the sun was planetary, with
the earth its moon.
Once gravity followed a different rule
and the morning’s colors mattered.

Now the earth falls round the sun,
the moon around the earth,
but while our memories echo
with violets and fragrance, fragments of volition,
come with me, my friend.

Self-pity is a shoreline
one must not walk a cappella,
come with me
and we’ll face our lives with living.

The tide of days never carried us,
its melody washes over us; no sanctuary, no purity,
our shields and swords lie rusted
in the byways of the city’s neon.
Yet every moment led us here
and on will lead us evermore.

Through the night, a dj’s mellowed metal,
by the lyre, madrigals, and in
the sepia light of yesterdays we’ll
admire dewy cobwebs on the statues in a garden,
raise rattling breakfast cups
to those who’ve flown afar,
and do the crossword, two across:

a crossroads
a crossing
to cross.

We’ve always known our ending waits
cretaceous on a chalky beach,
where the slate-grey sky writes white-horse lessons
on the blackboard sea—
the final class before our graduation.

But in these mortal moments
when time is birdsong
and the weather rests beneath a branch,
when distant evanescence hides in dreams,
come with me.

Bob Dylan, I shall be released, 1967; the Portuguese expression ser da lira ‘to be of the lyre’ meaning inspired. Maybe  🙂 .

artwork—quantum collision

16 thoughts on “anachronia

      • Well I tend to think sombre can be lovely…but the way you wrote it, and the tone of it, that was the first word that came to mind. Sorry, not particularly descriptive or enlightening, but I really enjoyed it. It did seem to be in a different voice than usual.

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        • It’s very helpful, Vanessa, even if enlightenment has to wait for another lifetime. I agree completely, it is sombre. Thing is it started off way somberer (it’s in my dictionary, I added it myself). Everything is how you see it, whether the glass is half full or half empty, but I like to think there’s always something in it.

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    • Wow, ‘hauntingly beautiful,’ thank you BG. BTW, I’m fairly sure 5am isn’t a real time, and even if it is, here in the deep south Daylight Savings Time ends tonight so another hour’s sleep.


  1. OHHHH Steve that was so beautiful! For whatever reason I could not let go of the thought that this was a perfect wedding vow. My heavens 🙂 I could see two people standing by the water in each others arms. Each reciting one paragraph at a time,,,,,,, so beautiful.
    I think I will read it again then take a break from my paintings for I am not succeeding with them today. Have a wonderful day my poetic friend.

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    • I’m really glad that you took something from anachronia, it’s the reason I write. I didn’t have wedding vows in mind (the piece just happened, although it’s a bit different for me) but now that you say it I can see the connection–a ceremony about a kind of eternity, a transition, and time.

      Today I drink tea, do some cooking and watch the rain. I find coming up with something either very easy or impossible, and which it will be is not up to me. Thank you for sharing, I truly appreciate it 🙂 .

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    • Yes, the internet is amazing. Once I only sent work to publishing houses and got a lot of rejections (with the occasional success). For me it’s the feedback I get at inconstant light that makes all the difference and that’s what keeps me writing. I should be thanking you ❤ .

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      • Steve, Technical question. How do you get your comments to show up right away? Mine sends me an email then I have to accept it. I don’t like giving the impression I am censoring my comments. Is there somewhere that I should unblock?

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        • No prob, you click My Site top left, then Settings in the drop down menu, then Discussion in the list along the top of that page. Down near the bottom on the page is Comment must be manually approved and you can switch that off. I actually have it on 🙂 but I value comments and get to them pretty quickly when I can. The reason I have it on is spam, sometimes spam comments sneak through the filter; you can see what’s been caught from My Site -> WP Admin (on left) -> Comments (on left) -> Spam (at top). Hope that helps 🙂 .

          Although WordPress is quite good, there are a number of odd things that are hidden away and can cause problems. Writing them up is another item on my long to do list :/ .

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