alpaca apparitions

woolen wings

in the age of hollow copies.

On nights when mirrored waves of air
are breaking in the clouds, the woolen ghosts
seep out of cast-off clothes, and squeeze
beneath the laundry door to loiter
in the garden.

They dance and laugh and play
strange games non-woolen people
cannot understand, and just
last week they rearranged the magnet
letters on my tumble dryer—

In the age of hollow copies,
never doubt and never waver,
never argue with λourself,
be definite and certain.

Should I say non-woolen
or should it be synthetic?
I wasn’t sure, I toed and froed,
and came to understand their warning.

Alpaca apparitions, quite a clumsy
turn of phrase, and even the urban
dictionary has no entry for 

The other me stands at my side,
and second guesses everything I do.

I’m not concerned my grocery bill
has doubled, or that I’m sleeping
on the floor. But what I’d never
have imagined is that I’m such
a pedantic bore.

Sometimes I do a little symbolic algebra on the fridge.

Jack Vance’s 1950 classic, The Dying Earth, woven ghosts appear in the story “Guyal of Sfere”; Wool 100% , the wonderful 2006 fantasy film directed by Mai Tominaga.

I do like wool, in ‘a normal guy who happens to have a collection of wool’ sort of way.

Woolen wings—digital and abstract art, experiment with polyfilla, paint, paper, light, and synthetic wool.

4 thoughts on “alpaca apparitions

  1. Can you believe, I’ve actually been sorting out my wool collection today, and unraveling a disastrous crocheted jumper I started long ago (yes, in glorious natural alpaca) – all before reading your poem Steve. Now I’m wondering if my other self is cavorting somewhere in all the hot pink lycra I no longer own. Another wonderful read. 🙂

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    • Very likely. I still have my lycra, but apart from that, a strange coincidence in the multiverse where all possibilities become real and wind up on free-to-air television. I can’t actually knit, I work the wool with power tools. Thanks Leanne :).

      Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Sylvia. Well I’m going to ruin the magic here. Media-paper with polyfilla and paint and synthetic wool on top, then photograph, image processing including photoshop and a little pixie dust. Ha ha, no pixie dust, I ran out.

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