good news for axolotls

great fish deity

The goddess of start-ups had been rather careless.
To correct her mistake, she wiped out the
with a meteor strike, and
resolved to pay
more attention.

Her very first effort had begun quite well—
the axolotls were amusing, there was
no doubting that, and mother nature
turned up to admire them too.

The walking fish are so sweet,
you should let them roam free—
genetics, mutations—just to see
what they do.

And out of her vanity (the gravest of sins)
the goddess of start-ups went along
for the ride.

So they evolved, left the water for land,
and baboons wearing lab coats and Armani
silk ties decided whatever they found
they could keep.

When they’d ruined all her work and
the earth to a crisp, the goddess
of start-ups
rolled her dice once again.

But this time would be different—she’d
ignore mother nature’s insistent opinion.
She’d stop
before arrogance, before greed
and Dow Jones. No serious thinkers
ever evolve.

The goddess suspected walking
were okay, so good news
for axolotls,
at least.


Any fish who happens to read this piece will no doubt recognize the great fish deity who created the world from fish scales.

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